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A Few Social Media Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Social media is extremely useful in the insurance world these days. Brokers, agents, and carriers are using social media platforms to not only open new business opportunities, handle claims but also help them keep in touch with existing clients and improve their presence on the web.

Social media has become an essential tool for agents in lead generation, customer service, relationship building, networking and communication. As important as social media has become in the insurance industry, coming up with new ways to keep your clients interested and providing information that your customers actually want can be difficult.

Here are just a few ideas on how to use both social media, your website and company blog to help drive both sales and customer satisfaction:

  • Be personable in your social media and blog posts. Save the sale pitch and try to honestly engage with your customers, offering them useful information without a hard sell. Always balance your promotional and sales driven posts with pure informational posts.

  • It goes without saying that you need to post on a regular basis to not only keep customers engaged but more importantly to keep your site relevant. Frequent posts help with SEO, improving your ranking in searches.

  • Don’t always post about insurance, provide information your clients will find useful such as home improvement, tips for maintaining their car or even small business tips.

  • Consider profiling your agency employees on your website. Highlight their industry experience, but also what they do in their free time, make it personable.

  • If you agency is involved in the community be sure to highlight your activities on your website and social media pages.

  • Send out recipes and other family fun tips to your clients via email or on your social media platforms.

  • Always respond to reviews, tweets or comments on your social media content quickly. Welcome new followers with a personal message.

  • Try to share at least one article a day via Twitter or other social media sites. It doesn’t always have to be insurance related, could be community news, car tips, home improvement information or anything you think your clients may find interesting.

  • Put up videos on your site periodically explaining insurance terms or talking about different types of coverage that your clients may need. Video is not only a good medium to explain things, it helps with SEO.

  • Create and post original content, simply re-tweeting and reposting articles can actually hurt your site in search results. This is where a professional freelance insurance writer can help.

As a professional freelance insurance writer I can help craft your social media, messages as well as provide content that will interesting to your clients while also improving your search engine rankings.

Contact me for ideas on how to improve your search engine rankings and keep your clients engaged.

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